Lets talk "Commitment"

When we talk commitment everyone immediately thinks "relationships".  Little do we know that commitment is a core value in our everyday dealings.

     As women, we pride ourselves on taking care of others.  We commit ourselves to our partners, our children, our families, our best friends, our colleagues, our extended families, our church, our prayer groups, our community, our businesses, and a whole lot more. We are professionals at making sure everyone and everything around us SEEMS perfect. This got me thinking. What’s the difference between interest and commitment? Interest is reactive and Commitment is proactive. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstances permit. When you are committed to something, you accept zero excuses, only results. For example "Interest reads about Mamipikintalks and agrees with it,  commitment registers to attend and follows up even after the event."( hahaha you know I had to use mamipikintalks.) "Interest works an hour a day on your business; commitment works whenever time permits".

     So lets talk relationship commitment  and get it out of the way. I know everyone would like to discuss commitment or the lack there of. Commitment is a very essential part of our relationships. Without commitment there will be chaos. A relationship can be deemed nonexistent without commitment. You must both commit for any relationship to be functional. Commitment in your relationships are your responsibility. YOU are responsible for your behavior in every relationship. In our community today some people think that they should be committed to everything and everyone except their relationships. Don't get into a relationship if you are not ready to be proactive. Commitment is proactive. And don't make the mistake of blaming yourself for the lack of commitment from your partners,spouses,friends and more. YOU are only responsible for YOUR behavior and commitment.

      There is such a thing as “Commitment ABUSE”
Sometimes we are committed to keeping everyone else's dream except ours. We are in relationships, friendships, jobs, careers, bands, etc and we commit to making sure everyone associated is happy except US. We commit to being abused mentally, emotionally, physically and verbally. We get sooo committed that abuse becomes the norm. Once you are committed to anything that does not bring you fulfillment, or adds value and meaning to your life, you are wasting valuable time and hurting your LEGACY. And  I don't mean the pain you experience in a gym, or during labor, I mean the pain of abuse. The pain that strips you of joy, love, happiness, a sound mind, etc.“Commitment abuse” happens to the best of us. We commit to a lot of things and our commitment is taken advantage of. Your skill, time, craft, and even LOVE can be abused. You do not need to commit to the very things that strip you of your SANITY!

Commitment to yourself!
   Your relationship with yourself is the most important one you’ve got.
 Being present  in your life is everything, being present is essential. So we often want others to commit to us but we cannot commit to OURSELVES? How do we expect anyone to commit to someone that is not there? We cannot carry any task to the end. We are side liners in our own lives. We look at our lives on the sideline. We refuse to commit to anything that brings us growth. Make a commitment to take care of yourself, as you would you do everyone else. By immersing yourself in the little things that bring you JOY.  Keeping your word is critical to restoring your sanity and creating a meaning driven life. Yes, "keeping your word to yourself" honoring what you commit to and keeping your own promises. Ask yourself the very important questions you ask everyone else. Questions like; How can I care for myself today? Am I experiencing commitment abuse? Do I need a vacation, interaction, exercise, comforting? Am I following my  purpose? Remember that what you commit to today, the thoughts you think, the people you commit to, the books you read, shows you watch, your friendships, all these shape your future.

Short Clip from Mamipikintalks event on commitment. 

Mark 9:23 says, “Everything is possible for the person who has faith” (GNT).

Let No Mamipikin Be Left Behind!!!!!


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