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"Yaah Yefon"

So its 3:00am and I cannot possible explain the weekend I had. However one thing sent me to this blog at this hour. Sometime ago I got invited by His Royal Majesty Fon Nganjo of Njirong village. Well if you have been following the blog you will gather that I was born in Cameroon and I absolutely respect and adore my culture. When I got this invitation I was a nervous wreck and had a million questions on what the Fon needed to discuss with my husband and I. If you are not familiar with our culture as Cameroonians you might not get the big deal. Our Fons are revered. They are our traditional rulers. You don't walk into the palace and visit the Fon. You request his audience in so many steps through his council. What could I have done to be summoned to meet with the traditional leaders of our Land in the USA? The question kept me up and wondering. My mother who can usually whip up answers for my many concerns was not too sure either. All she advised was to make sure we came in…

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