Happy Mothers day. Choose YOU!

   And its mothers day. Happy mothers day to the most consistent cape less superheroes. Society better not get too excited about giving us one calendar holiday. We would take it, however if you have been around a mother, are a mother, or know a mother you will agree that  there is not a single holiday that is more important than a holiday that celebrates mothers.

  This mothers day I want you to take an oath of "self Love".
I want you to love yourself as much as you love the responsibilities that come with the  crown of motherhood. Love yourself enough to take care of "YOU" mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. Put you first. Get out of the habit of expecting anyone else to. Do not give anyone else the power of your sanity. 

     This mothers day I want you to take an oath of "Commitment to yourself". Your relationship with yourself is the most important one you’ve got. Make a commitment to take care of yourself, as you would you do everyone else. This mothers day my prayer is that you have a conversation with your self. That we will use the same radar we use to evaluate others on ourselves. This mothers day take your investigations on the inside. Are you living happily? Are there things you can do differently in order to improve your quality of life? Your quality of life matters!

    This mothers day don't wait for anyone else to buy you flowers. If you love flowers buy yourself some flowers. If you enjoy movies, take your self to the movies and so on and so forth. Take back your power this mothers day. Commit to giving your self those things that you absolutely desire. Give  yourself your time, your energy,  and most especially your love. Your children and society needs a mother that loves herself so much there is no room for self sabotage.

  What you commit to today creates your future.  The words you speak, the thoughts you think, the people you commit to. Choose wisely. Let today be a new day. Take an oath to Love you unconditionally.

  Happy Mothers day to my favorite people in the world.  


If you are a mother in the DMV register and join us for brunch honoring mothers next Sunday. 




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