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The DEGREE inside of YOU

The degree inside of  YOU.

   Oh how I have missed you all. Please forgive me. Its been one of the busiest summers for me in many years. I know that's a lame excuse, and will try to do better. I have been writing though, because I write to stay sane. I write my thoughts, my frustrations, my joy, and a lot more. I have been writing to my self.

    So as I resume to sharing, I will like to talk about something that has been on my mind. "The DEGREE inside of you". I know my scholars and very highly educated and over achiever Mamipikins are like "Yes!!!" hahahaha. I am sorry to tell you that this degree does not come from a formal class room. This degree comes from inside of YOU! 

    I usually share with everyone I meet that I never finished college as its not in line with what I am called to do in this season of my life. Now don't screen shot this and tell the world that I am encouraging women to drop out of school. Please screen shot this as a reminder that there is no formal classroom that can teach you about walking in your purpose. You have an inborn degree or several, in some cases that only need your activation. This activation rarely comes from a college campus. All I am saying is that in order to succeed you MUST ACTIVATE the DEGREE inside of YOU! Activation starts with believing in yourself enough that you don't have space in your head and heart for low self esteem, doubt, malice, hate, gossip, and the need for outside validation. 

   You don't need any formal training to walk in the gift that the Lord blessed you with. It comes naturally. You only need activation. Its like having a cell phone, unless you activate it it's just a phone. The only activating agent is ACTION. What are you doing with whats inside of you?  A lot of our poor decisions are based on the simple fact that we don't trust our inborn degrees. Or we let them go dormant. Our children make the same mistakes because we don't tell them how dynamic they are. We raise our children with the same pressures we were raised with. At a young age our children are already in constant fear of what people will think about them. Some of us have taken on the role of satisfying the outside by all means possible. We are in a time where walking your purpose is deemed a taboo and being a side chick, or home wrecker is glorified because society says so. A time where choosing to be steadfast in your purpose is considered a taboo trend, but its OK to forward child pornography and more. A time where siblings are taught hate by parents based on the parents reaction to their children's "success". All this because the latter seems acceptable to society and we have been conditioned to think that what society thinks about us is more important than what we think about our selves. Are we really happy with what society deems important? what does it do to our moral compass? Is what society expects out of you a reflection of your internal degree or gifting? 

    A snippet of one of the highlights of my very busy summer. Teaching/sharing on weddings, family, marriage and more at the AEPDS BRIDAL ACADEMY ( 

   Your gift is enough. Your God given ability to function and bring change is enough. Nobody should tell you that success only comes with a lengthy blueprint and hosts of institutional degrees. Your blueprint and GPS is in Christ and he lives within you. Your in born gift will always bring about the completion you need to function properly. The activation and honoring of this gift will change your life for the best. Take a chance and follow that which is inside of you. Life is your only classroom. 

With one of the best teams I have ever worked with. Destination wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica


(Our next couple of entries will be on recognizing the degrees set inside of you and more. Don't forget to subscribe to stay connected.) 

Kisses :)


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